Monday, 19 May 2014

Special Touches

Here at Coco Barclay we pride ourselves on being unique and different, that is why we mix luxury Italian leather and other special components to make each bag truly one of a kind. We wanted to share some of the features we use on Coco Barclay bags.

The shopper bag is finished off with either a vintage silk ties or fun bright scarf, we hand source them from  America. Coco Barclay prides itself on everything being made in the UK. 

This lovely little party bag has a thimble as its fastening! The thimble is solid silver adding a jeweled element to the bag, making it a true treasure. 

The Glovie Frame bag has a vintage pair of gloves attached to each bag, they can be removed and worn, no two pairs are the same!

A little edition to the Coco Barclay collections - the Makeup bag/Pencil Case, each one has hand picked beads attached to them, no two are the same. 

All the handbags are lined with vintage cotton, many different patterns and colours.

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