Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hungry In Greenwich part two

So, to go with a delicious cold tea, a person might want to try a delicious falafel. The history of the falafel is as interesting as these are tasty!

Falafel usually refers to small balls containing chick peas or fava beans, or both (must remember to ask what is used in these, as they are some of the best I've had). If you play your cards right, you will be served by this man whose smile will lift your spirits even when you are grumpy.
You can have all of these delicious extras, if you so please. I think those vegetables are colours we are using for next summer so people will be able to eat it and wear it soon!
Last word, yum...

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Hungry in Greenwich, part one

People from all around the world know about how delicious the food in Greenwich is. We will get to that later! It has been so hot (I'm not complaining) lately, that sometimes it is a drink a person needs. So it was a delight to meet Theo of HOTBOX BREW, who used to be a banker before turning brewer. His stall is so inviting, I couldn't decide what to try first. Predictably (my Grandfather used to have a fabulous patch), I went for the raspberry. And I would highly recommend it to anyone, before your next shop at Greenwich.

    Reminds me of something from an Artemis Fowl book, secret potions anyone?

I'm going to try the one with cinnamon next!